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Low Carbon High Growth Eco Cities - Hong Kong 2014


Low Carbon High Growth Eco Cities - Manila & Hong Kong 2011



Business Opportunities in Asia - Cambridge, 2011



Cambridge Chinese New Year 2012


Cambridge Chinese New Year 2011


Beyond Copenhagen: Implications for China in Preparation of COP 16-Hong Kong


Opportunities and Implications for Business as China Responds to Climate Change-Hong Kong


Delivering Sustainable Futures -

CIFIT - Xiamen, China

Coal: The Social, Economic, Regeneration and Climate Change Opportunities

International Trade Seminars, Debate & Luncheon - Grasp the
Global Opportunity

International Trade Focus


International Trade Forum

International Trade Forum

International Trade Forum

International Trade Golf Challenge

Investment Management Review

Islamic Finance Conference

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MPS Soft Skills

The Pearl Awards, St James's Palace

PPP 2009 - Abu Dhabi


PPP 2009 - Bangkok

PPP 2009 - London

UK China
Facing the Challenges

Yorkshire in the City


Low Carbon High Growth Eco Cities - Chongqing & Hong Kong


March Performance Solutions Soft Skills & Professional Development Courses

We offer a wide range of courses and workshops, which are specifically tailored towards your business needs. Winning in business is about getting a number of things just right...it's not one blinding panacea...But attention to all the essential details.

Our researched, behavioural approach will give you access to all of those essential details. Unlike the more conventional approaches that concentrate predominantly on public speaking and personal delivery skills, our approach will give you those skills, plus the techniques, tactics and strategies to meet the specific, identified needs of your audiences and clients.

Whatever your job function, level of experience, time constraints and nature of your presentations and communication needs, we can develop a solution that is customised to meet your requirements both for you as an individual and for your organisation.

Visit www.marchps.co.uk/en/newsevents.htm for details of our workshops or click here for more info












































































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