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International Trade FocusInternational Trade Focus

We are very pleased to announce the rebranding of "Export Focus" to "International Trade Focus". The latest front cover, features list and rate card can be downloaded in pdf format.

International Trade Focus is available online at www.internationaltradefocus.com

Our rebranding will allow us to feature more inward investment and global business opportunity news. It also falls more into line with our extremely successful International Trade Forums and the International Trade Question Times that we organise. See www.marchpublishing.co.uk for more details.

In a nutshell, we can offer your company or organisation fantastic profile & awareness not only in the UK but also to a global audience. This will give you the opportunity to attract new business / partnerships / relations.....so all in all, it's a great opportunity that should not be missed!

Later this year we also plan to launch an electronic version of International Trade Focus which will include news and features in English & Chinese. This will be promoted and circulated in the UK, Europe, China and beyond. Click here for more information.

Here's more media info:

International Trade Focus (formerly Export Focus) is full of essential news and features for everyone involved in international trade.

As well as UK Trade & Investment news, (UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisation that supports companies in the UK trading internationally and overseas enterprises seeking to locate in the UK), International Trade Focus also features news from HM Revenue & Customs, SITPRO (the UK's trade facilitation body dedicated to making international trade easier), BExA (the British Exporters Association), the British International Freight Association (BIFA) & the British Chambers of Commerce, so combined with the Institute of Export news, International Trade Focus is the only magazine to feature regular news from ALL the major UK bodies.

The fact that International Trade Focus is an independent magazine allows us great editorial freedom, which is why is it so well received by its readership.....18,000 involved in international trade including people that have attended export clubs, export training sessions and international trade events including the International Trade Forum and the Annual Export Luncheon, the largest event of its kind in Europe, organised by the International Trade Focus team. Visit www.marchpublishing.co.uk for more details.

Our circulation includes:

Every member of the British Exporters Association (BExA) nationwide
Members of the Institute of Export
Attenders of the Annual Export Luncheon (last 6 years)
Known international traders that are not members or attenders of the above
UK Trade & Investment London, East & South East Regions
Government News Network
East Midlands Development Agency
East Midlands International Trade Forum
East of England Development Agency
East of England International
South East of England Development Agency
British Standards Institution (BSI)
East of England International
HM Revenue & Customs
SITPRO (the UK's trade facilitation body dedicated to Making International Trade Easier)
British International Freight Association (BIFA)
British Chambers of Commerce

March Publishing Ltd were winners in the category of Diversity within an SME Organisation at the MACE awards.

The MACE awards provided an unparalleled opportunity for entrants to showcase their flair for enterprise, diversity and innovation.

The judges were impressed by March Publishing's special features in Export Focus, their flagship magazine, (the predecessor of International Trade Focus) a leading independent international trade title in the UK. Particularly noted was their special China feature and more recently their South America feature. The Korea Advisers Group Newsletter and the China Creative Industries Report added to the diversity of publications produced. The judges were also impressed with March Publishing's continued development and improvement of the Annual Export Luncheon, which has become the largest export networking luncheon in Europe. Held every November at Gatwick, this event attracts some 400 SME's and multinationals involved in international trade and has become a highlight of the international trade calendar.

Back editions of Export Focus are still available online at www.exportfocus.co.uk

For more information contact Jeff Tucker or Louise Fryett on +44(0)1354 659698.
































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