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Previous Event - June 2nd 2008
at Reuters London Docklands Conference Centre

David Lewis The keynote address was given by Alderman David Lewis, The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of London and the conference facilitator once again was Roy Leighton, Chairman of the Financial Services Sector Advisory Board and Chairman of the Financial Services Skills Council. Roy Leighton

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By popular demand we will be holding our second annual one-day conference at Reuters in order to offer individuals and businesses an introduction to Islamic Finance and to stimulate an increased awareness of the importance of Shari'a compliant banking, insurance, investment and trading. The Islamic Finance market has been growing by over 10% per year and it is estimated that the potential size of the market for Islamic Finance could be US $4 trillion, over seven times its current size.

Prof Al-AwanProfessor Mahmood FaruquiLondon is establishing itself as the key Western choice for Islamic Finance so this event will be promoting the City of London as a centre of excellence for Islamic Finance. Other speakers include Professor Al-Awan, CEO of Furqan and Distinguished Professor of Islamic Finance at INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur (left) and Professor Mahmood Faruqui, Senior Advisor, The Bank of London and the Middle East (right), who are widely acknowledged to be world leading authorities on Islamic Finance.

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The ticket price is just 95 + vat.

Certificate in Islamic Finance
Internatiuonal Financial Services London
UK Trade & Investment
British Expertise
International Trade Focus

Previous Event - July 4th 2007
Reuters Auditorium, Canary Wharf, London E14

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Islamic Finance ConferenceThe business community has, for some time, been keen to explore how and why Islamic Finance impacts on their overseas trade development.

The Islamic Finance for Business Conference, organised by March Publishing Ltd and held on 4th July at Reuters state-of-the-art London Docklands conference facility, set-out to address this subject and share knowledge between the financial sector and industry.

The Keynote Address was given by Alderman John Stuttard, The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of London.

Islamic Finance ConferenceProfessor Al-Awan, Distinguished Professor of Islamic Finance at INCEIF flew in from Kuala Lumpur and Professor Mahmood Faruqui and key industry experts from H.M. Treasury, British Expertise, UK Trade & Investment and IFSL gave a fascinating insight to this rapidly growing industry, addressed key issues and stimulated discussion on a wide range of banking, investment and financial topics.

During the conference, British Expertise and IFSL announced the establishment of a joint working group to take forward an Islamic Finance for Business initiative and will operate under the FFSAB umbrella through UK Trade & Investment.
Islamic Finance Conference

The level and scope of the delegates was impressive, establishing this event as a valuable stepping stone in the establishment of the City of London as a worldwide hub for Islamic Finance.

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Alderman John Stuttard, The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of London opened the round-table discussion group on Wednesday February 28th at the City Marketing Suite to set the scene for the Islamic Finance Conference, which took take place on July 4th 2007 at Reuters Auditorium, Canary Wharf, London E14.

35 academics and senior industry specialists attended the round-table discussion chaired by John Davie, Chairman of British Expertise.

Discussions centred around the UK's ability to innovate and to keep pace with the latest Islamic finance trends and the capacity within 'The City' to deliver the finance products needed to develop trade.

Ruth Martin, MD of The Securities & Investment Institute updated the group about the SII's groundbreaking Islamic Finance Qualification, developed in association with one of the leading business schools in the Middle East.

Professor Mahmood Faruqui, LLCM FIBP, Advocate, Islamic Finance Advisor and Vice Chairman IIBI told the group that the rest of the world is "amazed" at the progress in Islamic finance that is taking place in the UK.

Representatives from the Financial Sector Services Advisory Board (FSSAB) were also in attendance. Click here for a full list of FSSAB members.

Alderman John Stuttard, The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of London, Professor Faruqui and Ruth Martin were keynote speakers at the Islamic Finance Conference on July 4th 2007 at Reuters.

This event is designed to offer individuals and businesses a one-day introduction to Islamic Finance and to stimulate an increased awareness of the importance of Shari'a compliant banking, insurance, investment and trading. It is clear that many people know of Islamic Finance, but relatively few know about Islamic Finance.

British ExpertiseThe event is hosted by British Expertise (www.britishexpertise.org) who work very closely with UK Trade & Investment and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. UK Trade & Investment is the UK government organisation that helps UK companies develop business internationally, and overseas companies seeking to locate in the UK.

The event will also promote the City of London as a centre of excellence for Islamic Finance and The Securities & Investment Institute (SII) will John Stuttardbe promoting the Islamic Finance Qualification which is a ground-breaking qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and Shari'a perspective, providing the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance. Click here for more information.

The keynote address will be given by Alderman John Stuttard, The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of London. The conference facilitator will be Roy Leighton, Chairman of the Financial Services Sector Advisory Board (FSSAB).

Ian McCartney MP, Minister of State, Investment and Foreign Affairs fully endorses the FSSAB.

Please click here for a list of FSSAB members.

Ruth Hampton

Another speaker at the event will be Ruth Hampton (HM Treasury).

Ruth Hampton works on Strategic Analysis in the Financial Services Strategy team at HM Treasury. Her role is to provide strategic analysis on key policy areas for the Financial Services sector. This includes work on some of the strategic priorities identified by the Chancellor's High Level Group on City Competitiveness, for example boosting professional skills in the financial services sector, and areas identified as high-growth, such as Islamic Finance.

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Islamic banks and financial institutions now manage some US$200 billion in funds all around the world. Although this is not much compared to the total assets managed by financial intermediaries around the world, it is growing rapidly and with no limit in view. Two of the key developments that have made this growth possible were in Bahrain - a key intermediary centre for Islamic finance instruments - and Malaysia, whose decision to adopt Shari'a compliant financial instruments as an integral component of its financial market have given the sector a general boost.

Islamic financial institutions have developed many more products to serve this market than the layman would imagine. Shari'a-compliant instruments are now available for housing and consumer finance, business loans and even project funding. One problem has been coping with the need for improved liquidity, and Malaysian and Bahraini experts have introduced tradeable Shari'a-compliant securities in response. These also have the potential to create a secondary market for institutional investors in the Islamic finance market. Several "Islamic equity" investment funds have also been launched, and both the London and New York Stock Exchanges have introduced indices to monitor this growing market.

Naturally, where there are products there must be regulation. Agencies have been created to address issues of Shari'a compliance, accounting and auditing standards, and central bank regulation. The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) will be launched later this year in Malaysia. This welcome initiative will lay the foundations for consistent regulation of the Islamic Finance market.

The major products used by the Islamic banks are naturally similar to those of the "conventional" banking markets. But until now there has been a shortage of pure risk sharing instruments (ones that share gains and losses shared equitably between investors and operators). The development of quoted tradeable instruments should remove much or all of this problem in the next generation of products.

DIFC ArchWhat contribution has the UK made? Actually we have made a lot of progress towards mainstream Shari'a - compliant housing and other consumer finance products. Following a thorough consultation process, agreement is close to allowing such products to be launched on a competitive basis. We will very soon see them products being marketed by the retail financial institutions in the UK, to be followed by similar initiatives to serve the many Muslims in Europe and the United States. It is to be hoped that this is one way in which Muslim and non-Muslim communities will be helped to see that they have a great deal more in common than they may have thought.

We also plan to cover the following topics (full programme of subjects and speakers to be confirmed):

The role, and importance, of Islamic Finance in today's business climate
Understanding Shari'a principles of finance
Why offer a Shari'a compliant product?
Currency Exchange
Unlocking the benefits of Islamic Finance for your business
Alternative positions on Islamic finance. UK, Middle East and Far East
Islamic banking products available
"Takaful"-Islamic insurance
Innovation and Risk Management in Islamic Finance
Legal frameworks available to ensure compliance
Restructuring business to be Shari'a compliant
Commodities and Carbon Trading
London-a centre for Islamic finance
The morning plenary session will be followed by an extended networking lunch where the speakers will be available to discuss specific issues.

This event is a unique platform to promote products and services to the delegates during the event and over lunch. We would welcome any sponsorship, reception hosting and speaking enquiries.

Please click here for a sponsorship / exhibiting guide.

* speakers confirmed as of Jan 22 2007. Whilst every effort will be made by the speakers to attend, speakers may change without prior notice. Please visit our website for regular updates.

If you are interested in attending, speaking at or sponsoring part of the event please enquire at your earliest convenience.

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